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9 Sep


Info and tips on the most active volcano in Europe


If you are coming to Catania to explore the mount Etna, maybe you have already collected some information about it, yet there is a lot to say, maybe too much. With its magnificence, its captivating view of the sea, its greatness, its beating heart and fascinating mistery, the mount Etna near Catania represents an irresistible attraction for those travellers who can hear the voice of the « good giant ».


In winter, when the top is covered with snow, it looks like an ice cream with whipped cream. But the Etna is an active volcano, and its eruptions are an authentic show that attracts not only the local inhabitants but also travelers from every part of the world, from volcanologists to merely curious people.

The city of Catania is built of lava stone coming from the volcano, that looks after the city from above, like a father to his daughter; when it gets angry, it erupts. Yet the so-called “good giant” always gives his children some time to learn and face the most difficult situations. In Catania, (the) streets, (the) churches roofs, ( the) sidewalks, (the) squares, (the) remnants of ancient ruins are dressed with lava stone.


Contrary to popular belief, the Etna is not an enemy to the city. Local inhabitants consider themselves as the “children” of the volcano and they are proud that mount Etna has been inscribed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, thanks to its huge protected areas (19.237 hectares in total) and unique natural environment.

The amazing Etna national Park allows visitors to take long walks and discover natural paths surrounded by the fairy-tale atmosphere of huge forests. With its contrast between the red of the fire during the eruptions and the whiteness of snow in winter, mount Etna is the top destination for all travelers coming to Sicily, especially to Catania.

Nothing to fear, a lot to see!

If you want to visit the mount Etna, we will be very happy to help you arrange an unforgettable excursion at a special price! Our b&b cooperates with some of the best local guides and excursion agencies, which will help you explore this fascinating area. What are you waiting for?

Take your chance to discover “the good giant » by choosing among the following guided tours :

Full day tour: this exciting tour is made of different stages so that you will get a unique chance to visit several different spots on the vulcano, from the most ancient craters to lava caves. A tasty lunch in a local restaurant is included in the price.

Sartorius Craters Trekking

Trekking tour, especially recommended to trekking lovers


Sunset Tour: Un unforgettable experience- take your chance to watch the sunset from the highest active volcano in Europe! It also includes a short walk on the mountain.


Wine Tour: this tour combines two fascinating aspects: the exploration of the natural scenery and the degustation of local wines. After an exciting excursion on the mountain, you will visit a local winery to taste their drinks and food.


Bike Tour, for bike lovers


Sailing Tour: if you choose this tour, you will discover Catania coast, the legendary “riviera dei ciclopi”, from the sea.


Etna and Taormina: combines two aspects in one full day: the montain and the Sea. After spending the morning on the mountain, you will head to Taormina to discover its breathtaking landscape and ancient history.

 Etna and Alcantara: this is a must-do for all nature lovers, who will get a unique chance to explore the Etna and the canyons of Alcantara river on the same day trip.

Alcantara river gorge near to Etna volcano in Sicily, Italy

The associations and agencies that cooperate with our b&b palazzo bruca in Catania will offer you a high-quality service, including qualified local guides and authentic local food. They will come and pick up you from the hotel palazzo bruca in Catania and they can also provide trekking shoes and jackets upon request, so you will not need to worry about those aspects!

With its huge forests, natural paths, breathtaking views and tasty local production, the mount Etna is a unique travel destination, which has enchanted travelers, poets and artists of all times. As Dominique Vivand Denon put it in his Voyage en Sicilie, 1788: “All that nature has of great, all it has of pleasant, all it has of terrible, can be compared to Etna and Etna cannot be compared to anything.”

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