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13 Sep

Catania by night

The soul of the people of Catania comes alive as the lava of the Etna

I know that there are cities that do not know how to live like you live in the summer time in Catania when more the weather is hot, the better, because they did not live those who do not know what a soda Kiosk in Catania … and there are a hundred … and you approach bringing your desert on your tongue and a fire in your hair…”

Pasquale Pannella

During the day the City of Catania enchants with its loudly fish market, the parfume of the sea, the Baroque style of its buliding.

But Catania during the night into a City that conquers young and old people.

Catania’s souls and its citizen warms and lights up the streets like lava of mountain Etna : the lamps street are changing the facades of the solemn buildings.. Many students from all over Sicily discovers the most beautiful sights of the City and the suggestive squares where you can make new friends, talk and drink.


The historical center of Catania boats of places that in the night time becomes real gatherings for young people : that’s the case of  Piazza teatro Massimo that on Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays is filled with amused people, relaxed that unfold in several bar and pubs where you can chat over a good cocktail. One of the venue for excellence is the scalinata Alessi that is a great location for usual nightlife goers and students.


Here is a must stop at Nievski, pu-restaurent founded in 1986 and considered the first pub to have given a big boots to the night life of Catania, when there were no places to listen to music, meet and chat.


Other pub worthy of attention is the Waxy O’Connor in Piazza Spirito Santo, with an Irish flavor, outdoor tables and live music every night.


And then the bar La Chiave where evry Thursday there is a jam session. This bar is located in the historical center of Catania, a meeting place where the bar offers a varied selection of cocktails and drinks.
From the most renowned wine bar you might move towards the sea side, in the most posh area of Corso Italia, where the tradition is to meet each other in a kiosk, after a movie at the cinema, a walk or a dinner, in the heart of the night is an obligatory stop the lemon squized with salt, the one that we call : selts limone e sale, that is considered the recipe of happiness to beat the heat. Another favorite drink by young people is the tamarind or one of the other syrups, as well as drinks more modern.


Alongside contemporaries bars and live music, you will find a local tradition that can seems puzzling or excited : some restaurant, including the equine butcher shops, have outdoor large braziers, where they roast various type of meat, the famous « arrusti e mangia » that you see going from piazza teatro massimo to the fashionable Via Plebiscito, the heart and the center of encounter between tradition and modernity. It is certainly mentioned the trattoria Re Carlo V, wher you can taste the authentic flavors of Catania ; typical appertaizer (parmesan,rolls of eggplant, ect) will lead the way to meat cooked in front of you. Typical are the horse meatballs, pistachio rolls all accompained with the Norma salad with onions, tomatoes and ricotta .


Catania’s nightlife is really long, to the point of making young people to stay out until the sunrise, there are some of them going among the many squares and streets of Catania, others goes to the disco. One of the nicest club in Catnia is Mercati Generali, historical house where live music all in a enbrace of this old millestone restored old house.
Whatever the choice is, what unites allo f the people of Catania is a must in Catania by night: the ritual of breakfast at sunrise. A warm croissant, a granita or a delicious arancino at the Etoile d’or or  Aiello bar at 4-6 in the morning to end the long night of Catania.

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